BankofCommunity Reviews on site paid you 200% in 50 hours-Is it Scam or Legit?

We are trying to check and review about but we can’t find any proof that they are scam or legit? We need you to provide proof whether this site is genuine or not. Pls find out this is their ads :


Receive 200% profit in just 50 hours  


♛ Automatic (instant) payment every single hour ♛ ♛
♛ Maximum deposit: unlimited ♛
♛ 4% every hour ♛
♛ 15% referral commission ♛
♛ 100% responsibility for every bitcoin ♛
♛ 100% long lifetime ♛
♛ Comodo SSL Certificate ♛If deposit is less than 0.01 BTC, then payments can receive only every next 2nd – 3rd hour (with included hourly payment). Reason – Minimum what our script can pay out is 0.0004 BTC.
Anyone try before got proof? Pls feedback to us!

Final Review!

This is a 100% SCAM WEBSITE!

Be Careful and stay away!

Bank Of Community Reviews on BTCJam-Bitcoin loans and investments



BTCJam was founded in 2013 by Celso Pitta and is based in San Francisco, CA. It has facilitated $10.5 million in loans, which is below the average amount for most p2p lending platforms.

Are you agree on this? BTCJam has gained tremendous publicity among the bitcoin and cryptocoin community.BTCJam as a promising crowdfunding website for bitcoin. BTCJam offers users to loan, invest, and trade bought loans, which gives users a chance to sell loans they believe are going to default in a stop-loss type mechanism.


Loan Details

Loan Terms
Under 6 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
Loan Range$1 – $35,000
Types of Loans OfferedMiscellaneous

How To Qualify The Good From The Scams? Any Scam Alerts System?

The first step with BTCJam is to slowly make deposits, and to gradually invest in a variety. We recommend starting small, since btcjam loans occasionally default. One must keep track of patterns in investors. You have to understand this list of requirements for loans on BTCJam, most believe you should lend to those with the highest credit rating, but that isn’t always true. BTCJam offers no insurance on loans, so when a loan defaults, your bitcoin is gone.

Lender Information

Requirements for Lenders

Minimum Age18 years old

Risk Grades


Lender Account Management

  • Individual Note Search: lenders can search and filter through a listing of all the loans that are available on the platform.
  • Secondary Marketplace: lenders can purchase undervalued loans or sell loans that seem unhealthy in an online marketplace of lenders.

How to Look For Quality Loans On BTCJam:

  1. Pay Attention to Lending History of the Borrower’s Account:  How to identify the tactic of scammers or fraudsters? The loan pattern borrowers take is one major indicator. If the borrower just taking a smaller amount of loans and they start to borrow a large sum of loans. They just want to use the bigger loan to pay back the smaller loan. This is a obvious red flag.
  2. BTCJam Can Be a Risky Proposition : The  Lend to borrowers using bitcoin. Even though they implement the credit scores of the candidate, however, the lender shall assume a certain amount of risk.
  3. Hypothesize the Feasibility of the Loan: Example: Would you lend a stranger $100 if they said they’d give you $110 in a week? Chances are you wouldn’t lend them the money. This is how many loans sound, unbelievable. Use common sense investing and play it safe, high returns are most likely going to default.
  4. People Don’t Make Bitcoin Cloud Mining – Stay Away
    Cloud mining was a great promise at one point, bringing mining to the masses on any scale, currently it is something that will lose you money quickly. Many investors ask money for cloud mining, which is rarely profitable, especially in the short run.


BTCJam seems like a solid option for people who have Bitcoins saving in hand but don’t know how to generate profit. This is also good for people who are willing to take calculated risks on their Bitcoins for higher rewards. Personally I’ll continue using this site following the principles I’ve described and will update you as things evolve. If you have your own experience with BTCJam I’d appreciate if you’d share it in the comment section below.

IMPORTANT: What’s written in this post is my own personal advice based on my experience. I’m no investment expert or guru and you should take everything you read here with a grain of salt. Investing money is a risky business and in the end you’re the only one reponsible for managing your capital. This post is my personal opinion, nothing more.

My Bitcoin Trading Robot Reviews-The Complete Bitcoin Robot Explained

Do you trust yourself or Robot? Why there are many people don’t trust their skill to do trading but go to Robot trading? Is Robot trading more profitable?

There are many Robot system in the financial market, like Forex Robot, Stock trading Robot. With any new technology online there is always the promise of a way to beat the system and make money quickly.

Today we are going to discuss and review about Bitcoin Robot. Why Bitcoin? Bitcoin’s extreme volatility has spawned an entire industry of BTC Robots and Arbitrage systems. We looked through them to see which are your worth your time.


Bitcoin Trading Strategies Reviews here:—>

When BTC first emerged as a currency the main trading strategy to make money with it was arbitrage based on the different prices offered by different exchanges. Since it is an unregulated decentralized currency there used to be big prices differences between the different markets where Bitcoin was bought and sold. Many of the early systems relied on this to make money.

In recent months there has been an explosion of trading systems and strategies promising to print money while you sleep. While many of these are a complete waste of time there are a few that are worth a second look. Here are some products we think are worth checking out.

1. BTC Robot

The BTC Robot bills itself as the world’s first dedicated Bitcoin trading robot. It is based on an engine that trades the currency on options platforms taking advantage of the directional changes. They have a counter on the site for the profit that the bot has earned members and have exhibited at several conferences.

Simple… The bitcoin robot is not buying stocks or currencies! Or not even in the “options” market… it doesn’t care about inflated spreads, slippage, commissions for brokers… these values do NOT EXIST in the bitcoin world!

It is commission-free and cost-free…And it relies on the average “dumb” individual to make profits…


As Bitcoin is extremely new, so are its users, buyers and sellers alike… most are inexperienced, just reading about the inflation-free currency and wanting to buy or sell some or “play” with it… serious bitcoin users are still very VERY rare.

The typical Bitcoin user purchases bitcoins at a much higher price than needed (unwilling to wait for good market conditions) and sells them much cheaper than possible (again unwilling to wait for a good price)


Here’s where the BITCOIN ROBOT shines! There’s a lot of information on the site and it’s definitely one worth checking out. There’s also a free downloadable guide to trading BTC you can access here.

Find out more about BTC Robot >>


2. CryptoArbitrager

This is a cryptocurrency arbitrage robot that trades based on differences in the prices of Bitcoin and Litecoin. By taking advantage of these fluctuations between the currency pairs the bot tries to maximize your earnings as it trades between them. Their is a download version you can use locally as well as a remote server version which you can access from anywhere.

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Find out more about CryptoArbitrager >>