E-Coin Rebrands To Wirex And Announces Additional Financial Services

Interesting changes are coming for existing E-Coin users, as the popular Bitcoin debit card service has rebranded to Wirex as part of a global personal banking initiative. While not much will change for existing users other than the addition of several new features, Wirex envisions a much broader range of services to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and traditional finance.
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E-Coin Is Now Called Wirex

The world of Bitcoin debit cards has seen a major player emerge over the past year, as E-Coin managed to turn a lot of heads in their relatively short existence so far. With over 100,000 customers in over 130 countries around the world, the company quickly become one of the industry leaders as far as Bitcoin debit cards are concerned.
But the company wants to make an even bigger impact in the world of hybrid financial services and bridge the gap between blockchain technology and traditional finance. Rebranding to Wirex is part of that effort, as the new brand will offer additional services to its users as well. The first of those new services will come in the form of a mobile app, which makes managing funds a breeze.
By combining Bitcoin and traditional finance into one globally available mobile app, Wirex is taking a major step towards establishing themselves as a FinTech innovator. Having the option to convert between Bitcoin and fiat currency with one touch will make this Wirex brand attractive to everyone.
Bitcoin debit cards will remain an integral part of the Wirex rebranding although additional functionality will be added.In fact the company will be the first in the digital currency world to offer two-way Bitcoin debit cards, allowing for quick conversion from BTC to fiat and vice versa. Buying Bitcoin through bank transfers and other undisclosed payment payments will be made available come March 2016.
Last but not least, Wirex will bring mobile banking solutions to people in over 130 countries. This type of functionality will be made available within the app itself, and offer remittance options for those people looking to quickly and conveniently send and receive money on the go.
No Action Required For E-Coin Users

Existing E-Coin users do not need to undertake any action, as the change to the new brand will happen automatically. The E-Coin website will redirect visitors to the new Wirex platform come March. Other than that, there will be no notable change for existing platform users, other than the new features which will become available.
Users who are interested in testing the Wirex mobile app – which is currently in beta – can sign up here. Invites are limited in number, though, so they will be handed out on a first-come, first serve basis. The new Wirex Bitcoin debit cards with two-way functionality can be obtained for review purposes as well, by getting in touch with Tim Frost.
What are your thoughts on additional features coming to the rebranded E-Coin? Let us know in the comments below!
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BitTeaser to Share Profits With New Token Program

BitTeaser, the world’s first blockchain-based advertising network, is launching BTSR, a new digital token that will allow holders to share in the platform’s profits. The token is created and hosted by OpenLedger.
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Share Profits With BitTeaser
BitTeaser, running on the MIT-licensed Graphene blockchain technology, works in a similar manner to Google Adwords. BitTeaser provides advertising space for websites, where teaser-style ads are placed to generate revenue.
According to BitTeaser, the company currently services over 1000 webmasters, and has been seeing monthly growth of 15 to 20 percent. The company believes that, at the its current rate of growth, its network will reach approximately 5000 websites and 2000 advertisers by 2017.
BTSR is marketed as “a very easy way to invest in advertising.” No “technical, financial, or analytical knowledge” is required. Anyone with an OpenLedger account can purchase BTSR and partake in the BitTeaser profit sharing program. These tokens are issued by Denmark crypto exchange CCEDK, created as a followup to the November 2015 OBITS project, which has reportedly been successful so far.
The BTSR profit sharing program will operate in the form of a monthly buyback of BTSR and OBITS. Each month, 70% of BitTeaser’s monthly profits will go into the buybacks, with BTSR holders getting 80% of this share, and OBITS holders receiving the other 20%.
The first round of the BTSR sale recently launched on the token’s website. Prices started at 15 BTS and 0.00015 BTC. Scheduled 3-5 percent price increases are set to occur every 2 to 3 days until March 11, 2016.
BitTeaser suggests that BTSR holders may also reap long term profits from the forces of supply and demand depending on the amount of people who want to buy into the BTSR program. Additionally the company states that bought-back tokens will be burned every month, reducing the total BTSR supply and “allowing a natural increase of value per unit.”
OpenLedger, the host of the BTSR token, is a decentralized crypto exchange platform. This exchange allows users to convert bitcoin to fiat-pegged “SmartCoins,” which can be withdrawn to cash through NanoCard, Paypal, Ripple gateway or money transfer.
For more details on how BTSR will be distributed, or to purchase BTSR with fiat including USD, EUR, Chinese Yuan, as well as cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, DOGE, and more please go to:
Visit BitTeaser’s website at:
To view a PDF about BitTeaser’s blockchain based advertising services and business model please go to:
1 Million new OBITS will be made available for purchase due to the launch of BTSR. To purchase OBITS with Bitcoin please go to:  style=”font-weight: 400;”> or direct on the OBITS website at
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Philadelphia’s New Bitcoin ATM

PHILADELPHIA, PA February 25, 2016 — The fifth most populated city in America now has a new Bitcoin ATM for residents to purchase the digital currency. Coinsource, the national machine teller network, announced the installment of their product at the Philly Dream Shop at 254 South St. in central Philadelphia.
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Philadelphia Gets a Second Bitcoin ATM
The Philly Dream shop is neighborhood shop that’s graced the historic section of Philadelphia for over a half a decade. The colorful merchant is well-known in the area and the shop gets a lot of foot-traffic. Visitors can find the store at the corner of South Street and S 3rd Street within the streets of Queen Village. The installation is the second Bitcoin ATM located in the city and is very accessible by car, bus or the local metro. This particular Philadelphia ATM will have a late closing time on the weekends with doors closing at 12:30 am.
Coinsource has installed a GenesisCoin version ATM in the Philly’ district. The rates will start at 7% and will be cheaper for those who purchase larger quantities. Coinsource has fourteen ATMs located across the country with eight of them situated in the heart of New York. The company was founded by Travis Gough, Sheffield Clark, Bobby Sharp and started operations in 2015. The team says it offers customers the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin with cash. Managing Partner Sheffield Clark said of the announcement:
“Coinsource is proud to announce our first bitcoin ATM in Philadelphia. In particular, we’re excited to install a low fee bitcoin ATM in the heart of the city, easily available to both locals and commuters alike. We are committed to providing the highest level support to our customers and guarantee always-low fees. All our machines adhere to cutting-edge security standards and provide simple, convenient, instantaneous transfers compatible with any bitcoin mobile wallet.”
The ATM company wants to create a distributed network of ATM’s across the country and this new device in Philadelphia is another addition. The city is vibrant with 7.2 million people held within the metropolitan area and has a substantial community of Bitcoiners and merchants. There are even condos for sale in the region being marketed to Bitcoin buyers. The city has also said to have been ahead of the economic curve by its handful of early digital currency adopters within the city. Coinsource is proud to facilitate the current enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of virtual money as well. The company is also looking for ATM hosts so they can broaden their location base and have machines in every state.
Do you have access to a Bitcoin ATM? Let us know your experience in the comments below.
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